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How to login to the Frontend and edit an existing article on the website

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Website Management Demontrations

The following video demonstrations are specific to the website for my friends up in Pittsburg, NH, but you might find them useful if you are currently running a Joomla website as well.

This demonstration will walk you throug logging into the Front End, changing your Account Settings, viewing and updating existing Articles and then how you can publish a new article that will show up in the dynamically created menu system that will show articles in a default blog layout for each section and category.


I know the embedded videos are small, but if you click on the full screen button in the video screens below, the black square on the right next to the volume, you can view this video in it's full size of 1024 x 768


Part One - Logging into the Front End, Editing Existing Article, Account Settings


Part Two - Submitting a New Article, Formatting, adding graphics, publishing and unpublishing


Part Three - More to come soon...